Eric Reid calls Malcolm Jenkins a "sellout" and "neo-colonialist" after Panthers win

Jenkins is one of the faces of the Players Coalition, which last November came close to cutting a crappy deal with the NFL that was mostly to get players to stop kneeling or demonstrating during the national anthem. Donald Trump was tweeting too much about it and got racists to circle the wagons, so that scared the league. When Reid found out about the strings attached to this “$100 million” contribution by the NFL, he and Dolphins safety Michael Thomas left the group because they felt that Jenkins didn’t represent their best interests.

At his locker today, Reid called Jenkins a “sellout,” as well as—in what might be an NFL first for a player talking about another player—a “neo-colonialist.” “His actions speak louder than his words,” the Panthers defensive back said. Even though he wasn’t named a captain for today’s game, he didn’t regret confronting Jenkins at the coin toss, and expressed how he felt about the Eagles DB’s leadership of the coalition.