In campus speech, David Hogg says U.S. is stolen land, justifies illegal immigration

Broadening the discussion from anti-gun violence, Hogg urged students to pick up the mantle of progressive causes in the name of social justice.

“Being a cisgender white male,” said Hogg, “I don’t know what it’s like to be in the majority of Americans that are affected by gun violence, which is primarily women of color, but I can be an ally with them and tell their story when we march through the different parts of Chicago.”…

“Mass shootings have been happening for the last couple of centuries, ever since the advent of the gun. If we want to talk about mass shootings one of the first things we have to acknowledge is the battle of Wounded Knee, where over 100 Native Americans were slaughtered by the United States government,” he told the students. “We also have to acknowledge the fact that disproportionately Native Americans are underrepresented in our government and we also have to acknowledge how wrong it is that we call people illegal on stolen land.”