Weddings, cheese, radio -- what will millennials kill next?

Millennials have been increasingly keen on Airbnb, but this isn’t the only trend that should concern mega hotel chains. Thanks to apps like HotelTonight, which delivers users last-minute deals on independent and boutique hotel stays, millennial interest in non-corporate hospitality is surging.

“Millennials are twice as likely to book a boutique hotel, and 90 percent of our revenue comes from boutique and independent hotels,” Sam Shank, CEO of HotelTonight, told NBC News. “They’re eschewing cookie cutter chain hotels for hotels that have a [unique] décor and sense of place, often with cool, nostalgic amenities. They’re also not taking long vacations the way folks used to, opting for more long weekends, road trips, festivals and staycations where they can enjoy a pool or A/C.”

It’s worth noting that while millennials appear to be leading the pack in abandoning American mainstays and embracing alternative products, they aren’t the only age group doing so.

“We do see millennials behaving in ways differently than consumers did 10 years ago, but in almost all cases, we also see Gen Xers and even boomers and certainly Gen Z making those same shifts at the same time,” said Goldberg.