No, it’s not okay that Nancy Pelosi was mobbed by anti-communists

Regardless of Pelosi’s ridiculous stances, and efforts to bring our constitutional republic into a new age of stagnation and failure, charging her en masse with signs and shouting chants at her isn’t going to make her any less willing to stop doing what she’s doing. In fact, it may embolden her.

Whenever I see the mob attack someone on the right, it only charges me up to strike back at the voting booth and write articles on the subject to let others see it get them motivated as well. If the right adopts this tactic, it will have the same effect. Remember that the left loves victimhood, and will use it to milk every last drop of sympathy and anger they can out of the populace in order to get them angry at the right.

Mobbing Pelosi didn’t teach her anything, it only gave her more ammunition to use. Instead of beating her hysterics back with facts and ridicule, we gave her hysterics a reason to exist.