What did U.S. spy agencies know about threats on Khashoggi — and when?

● When MBS ordered the arrests in November 2017 of more than 200 Saudis — including many princes — what assessment did the intelligence community offer? When Gen. Ali al-Qahtani, an aide to one of the sons of the late King Abdullah, died in captivity, did the CIA try to discover what happened?

● When the Saudis tried during the summer of 2016 to arrest and kidnap from overseas a prominent businessman critical of MBS, was U.S. intelligence aware? Gen. Yousuf bin Ali al-Idrissi, the deputy chief of intelligence who had allegedly been sent to organize this “rendition,” was reportedly fired after he returned home empty-handed. Did the CIA ask why?

● When Maj. Gen. Ahmed al-Assiri became deputy chief of intelligence last year, replacing Idrissi, he moved into the crown prince’s inner circle. What did U.S. intelligence do after it learned last month that Assiri was organizing a “tiger team” for covert special operations? What does the intelligence community know about reported Saudi plans this week to identify Assiri as the culprit in Khashoggi’s death?

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