Trump is glorifying violence against journalists. This is a national disgrace.

It’s time for journalists push back. They aren’t just defending a free press, or the right to criticize those in power. It’s clear they must also defend their very lives and safety.

The last two years have been an accumulating series of emergencies — lies stacked upon lies, obvious corruption, probable obstruction of justice, and the all-around abuse of powers — and yet it has often seemed like America is holding its breath, waiting for the moment when it’s apparent the president has gone too far, when he’s finally crossed the line that can’t be crossed without doing serious damage to the nation. We keep asking ourselves: Is this the Saturday Night Massacre? Is this the Saturday Night Massacre? That such a moment would come has seemed almost certain.

At some point, we have to realize that line was crossed long ago, crossed so brazenly that we almost didn’t notice. The emergency is here; it is with us every day. There’s no more avoiding, or looking away, or using the Paul Ryan excuse of pretending we haven’t heard the latest outrage.