Warren readies for 2020 run

Something approaching a 2020 campaign slogan is beginning to take shape: “Persist.” Her political team rolled out a nationwide “PERSIST Project” campaign on Facebook this past June, hawking free state-specific “Persist” bumper stickers. At the progressive conference Netroots Nation in August, Warren’s team distributed signs with the single word to the audience to wave during her speech. The front page of her website currently includes a mosaic slideshow of supporters wearing “She Persisted” T-shirts.

The breadth of her national political operation was made clear in an exhaustive account on Sunday. In recent months, Warren has released 10 years of tax returns, introduced a major anti-corruption legislative package, published policy papers and even shifted from her studied avoidance of the press to stopping in the Senate hallway to take questions and taking private, off-the-record meetings with national reporters in New York and Washington.

All along, Warren has supported a sprawling network of Democratic candidates, pouring $8 million into campaigns across the country, placing staff in key races and making personal contacts with winning and losing candidates in pivotal states.