Can Elizabeth Warren overcome her terrible political instincts?

That said, more than anything, Democratic voters will be looking for a candidate who can take the fight to Trump — and win. Trump, as unpopular as he seems nationally, is an unconventional political force that nobody has been able to beat — not 16 other Republicans (many well-funded and experienced) and not Hillary Clinton. Whatever Trump’s weaknesses, he’s clearly demonstrated an instinctive understanding of politics in the modern media age.

Warren’s experience in politics has involved winning in a very liberal state, enjoying glowing media coverage, and being popular among progressive audience. When it comes to national politics, she’s a relative novice. So all we know right now is that Warren’s early flirtation with presidential politics went horrifically, raising serious questions about her political instincts, which are hard to teach. She’s got plenty of time, of course, but if this is in any way indicative of how she’s going to run her campaign, she isn’t going to get close to the White House.