A "Kavanaugh bump" is boosting GOP Senate candidates. But Trump is a different story.

According to the polling average maintained by Real Clear Politics, during the past two weeks the president’s approval ratings have risen to around 43 percent. This is up 2 points from where Trump’s approval ratings had been in mid-September, when they sunk to 41 percent, the lowest polling average Trump had seen since March, according to RCP.

For most of the summer, however, Trump’s approval ratings in RCP polls sat at around 43 percent. The statistics site FiveThirtyEight.com averaged the president’s approval ratings at around 42 percent for the same period, between mid-June and September, when they briefly dropped below 40 percent.

Among experts, however, the only consensus about how much Kavanaugh helped Trump’s poll numbers is that it’s unclear.

And despite the emergence of a narrative attributing Trump’s slight boost to a so-called Kavanaugh bump, it’s difficult to determine how much of Trump’s recovery is actually a reflection of the Kavanaugh confirmation fight.

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