A dark horse in the race for Nikki Haley’s UN job

Haley did wonders standing up for America, its values and its allies. Ideally, her successor should be able to pick up where she left off and ensure that the UN serves America’s interests. Someone who can explain Trump’s “America First” vision to a place where every country — no matter how ruthless or anti-US — is deemed equal. Someone who will challenge the prevailing “we-play-the-US-pays” mentality.

There, too, Burnham’s the man: A former Marine, he “was like a bull in a china shop,” an official who worked with him at the UN tells me. If anything, “he was way too pro-US.” Perfect, that is, to succeed Haley.

A top player in Trump’s 2016 transition team, Burnham remains close to the White House. In Washington this week, he was asked if he’d leave life as a banker for UN ambassadorship. “I’ve served my country in peace and war, in elected and civilian capacity,” he told me. “The highest call in life is to serve your country.”

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