The Kanye freakout

Journalists can’t resist attributing importance to the vapid ramblings of barely informed celebrities. Rare is the starlet or songbird who has mastered public policy beyond the depth of a blog post, but news outlets that never tire of finding new ways to launder Democratic-party talking points can implicitly argue, “Hey, we’re only reporting what was said! These people enjoy large followings. Even if we are too smart to take them seriously, their legions of fans might think differently.”

That nearly all A-list show-business personalities vote the same way as the A-list news personalities renders the decision a no-brainer. When all else fails, run the “Celebrity X Endorses Democrat Y” story. It takes no effort whatsoever to put together such a story. And since we’re in the realm of glitz and fantasy, the fact-checkers and policy analysts take the day off. Often the story runs in the entertainment section anyway.

It had been only three days since the national media fell over themselves amplifying Taylor Swift’s thoughts on why she was backing the Democrat in the Tennessee senate race.

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