Melania Trump denies Stormy Daniels and the media their greatest desire: Attention

Her husband might be the world’s most famous troll, but Melania Trump seems to have acquired a knack for it herself. As clips from her exclusive interview with ABC News’ Tom Llamas roll out prior to their Friday night broadcast, the first lady seems intent on combating an overheated media with pure, calculated nonchalance.

When pressed about President Trump’s affair with Stormy Daniels, the adult film actress turned activist, Mrs. Trump could have denied reality or she could have pulled a Hillary Clinton and publicly declared she forgives Trump so everyone should move on. Instead, flipping a lock of hair with a perfectly manicured finger and the hint of laughter in her eyes, she took a third, decidedly Trumpian, approach to the matter.

“It is not a concern of focus of mine,” said Trump. “I’m a mother and first lady and I have much more important things to think about and do.”

As a point of contrast, when Llamas asked her about her spokeswoman’s rebuff of Rudy Giuliani’s defense of the president, Trump responded with far more indignation.