Yes, it's a mob. And yes, it's what many Democrats want.

Former attorney general Eric Holder believes Michelle Obama was wrong when she famously advised: “When they go low, we go high.” Rather, he told Democrats at a gathering in Georgia, “When they go low, we kick them.”

If Holder was honest, he would have said: “When they win a presidency via the constitutionally mandated route, and the duly elected president nominates a Supreme Court justice with a 12-year exceptional record on the bench, and then the duly elected Senate follows all the rules and precedents set by Democrats, offering numerous hearings and investigations along the way, to confirm that nominee, then we kick them.”

There is nothing wrong with “fighting” in politics. And we should probably forgive these metaphorical excesses (unless it’s Donald Trump or Sarah Palin — then we must take it literally, seriously, and hysterically). The problem is that Democrats have a habit of acting as if every political setback is a matter of theft. This instigates people to act like a bunch of children—or worse.

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