Stop mocking Kanye West’s mental health

“The Ye is fully out and off medication. I am fully being myself,” West told TMZ last week. “These pills that they wat me to take three of a day? I take one a week, maybe two a week. Y’all had me scared of myself, of my vision.”

And hours after the Oval Office episode, People magazine reported that those in West’s inner circle “are telling him that he needs to get back on his medication, that he’s not doing well, that he’s not making any sense.” They further alleged, “No one close to him can tell him that he’s sounding unhinged because his answer is that the President of the United States doesn’t think so.”

While there are legitimate gripes to be had with West and his puzzling contradictions (see above), late-night comedians and cable-news pundits have resorted to cruelly mocking West’s mental health and even invoking his dead mother.

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