The Kavanaugh smear war broke my decades-long support for feminism

Yet it wasn’t until I witnessed the Me Too movement snowball into an all-out, anti-male witch hunt that I realized good men were in real trouble. Astonishingly, after having been an advocate for women my entire adult life, I quickly learned I was still considered the “enemy,” simply for being a man.

Never in my wildest dreams (or nightmares) did I imagine that someday the opposite sex would view me as a threat. But it’s true, and “their” message is loud and clear: Even if you’ve been a staunch supporter of women’s rights for years, taught thousands of women and girls (many of whom were survivors of sexual assault) how to defend themselves from a violent attacker, and authored a book on the subject, you are not to be trusted solely because of your sex.

One needn’t look too far to see that today’s hyper-feminism climate has men throughout the Western world walking on eggshells at work, at home, everywhere. As a counselor, my male clients routinely voice concerns about having targets on their backs simply because they are men, and I am reticent to take on new female clients out of fear of being falsely accused of sexual impropriety.

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