Kavanaugh accuser "should have held her tongue," law prof says

“I think it’s a stale allegation. I think it violates principles of basic fair play for her to be bringing this up. I think she should have held her tongue. If I were her, I would have,” Wax told Brown University economist Glenn Loury on his YouTube show late last month. “I think basic dignity and fairness dictates that, you know, ‘It’s too late, Ms. Ford’ .. even if there would have been consequences to bitching about it at the time.”

Wax also said that even if Kavanaugh committed the act Ford described, he shouldn’t be punished for it now.

“Even if he did it — 17 years old. We now are saying that a man is gonna pay for the rest of his life for a momentary act of, you know, recklessness … which didn’t create any permanent harm except through this manufactured idea that this is such a horrible, traumatic thing,” Wax said. “It’s not a good thing. But honestly, you know, the woman is not gonna recover from that? And his whole now life is ruined.”