How do I explain Justice Kavanaugh to my daughters?

Before he entered politics, President Trump was a fan of a different sort of spectacle: professional wrestling.

In pro wrestling, with its long-running, soap-opera-like story lines about heroes and villains, “faces” and “heels,” you don’t just win. You flatten your opponent, then you climb onto the turnbuckle, hop onto the ropes, hurl yourself onto the body of your defeated foe and are declared the winner.

That was what Monday night’s prime-time swearing-in ceremony of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court felt like. From the standing ovations to President Trump’s apology to Justice Kavanaugh and his family “for the terrible pain” they had been forced to endure, it wasn’t just a victory lap, it was a body slam, a way to add insult to the injury that the hearings had already done to so many survivors of sexual harassment and violence.