Bob Corker: Saudis' explanation to me about Khashoggi wasn't convincing

Khashoggi’s disappearance after entering the Saudi consulate a week ago has captivated Washington and the world as lawmakers, the Post, and top U.S. and foreign officials press for answers. Corker, an outspoken critic of Saudi Arabia, said he spoke recently with the Saudi ambassador to the U.S., who told him that the surveillance video outside the consulate only live-streams and does not record.

“I’ve never ever heard of a security system like that,” Corker added. “That was pretty hard for me to believe. And I shared that with him. And he said, ‘well, it was malfunctioning and it was only live-streaming.’ And so to me it feels very much like some nefarious activity has occurred by them. But I don’t want to rush to judgment. They need to figure out a way if it’s not true to … show that he left the embassy after coming in.”