Trump may be outside our norms. But he is succeeding for all of us.

Trump is as wearying today as Andrew Jackson must have been in 1829 to the people of both parties who are used to different rules sets. I am one of them. Thus my criticisms of the president are many and detailed. But my fear of the wild-eyed left is far greater than my discomfort with his bull-in-china shop politics.

The left, we saw this week and last, contrasts unfavorably with the president’s hyperbole and occasional cruelty. It is now a snarling, enraged collective scream. To give it power would be to risk fraying even further the common bonds of citizenship. Best for them to spend a long time in the wilderness, as the “San Francisco Democrats” of 1984, so very wrong about the Soviet Union, needed to endure.

After the attempted sliming of Kavanaugh, voters must not reward that outburst of the new McCarthyism in the least or it will be repeated. Review the first few paragraphs above. Vote to repeat those sorts of achievements instead of empowering the enraged mobs. Don’t just return the Republicans. Increase their majorities and increase prosperity and security, judicial restraint and free enterprise even as we collectively figure out a president who may be outside our national norms for the office, but who is succeeding for us all.