Republicans may have traded majorities in Congress for a conservative Supreme Court

There is evidence that the court, which is usually a more motivating issue for Republicans, could drive Democrats to the polls this year. In a late-September Pew Poll completed before Kavanaugh’s confirmation, 76% said the Supreme Court was “very important” — the first time in years the economy did not top the poll.

As CNN’s Grace Sparks wrote in September, more Democrats (81%) said it was “an important issue for their vote” than Republicans (72%). The most-referenced important issue for Republicans was the economy, which drew 85% of their registered voters. Eighty-eight percent of Democrats said that health care was the issue most on their minds.

Look for new polling to see if Kavanaugh’s confirmation compounds the anger of Democrats.

Now that the court has that conservative majority, will it still be such a key issue for conservatives?

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