Kavanaugh and the crux of a cold civil war

Regrettably, there is the decided likelihood that the Left’s propensity for violence will continue to escalate in proportion to its rhetoric. When Collins is libeled viciously as a “rape apologist” and the entire Republican Party is defamed as “Rape-Publicans,” why would any virtue signaling narcissist resist (even if they could) the incited urge to attack such villains? If you think these people would always resist the lesser angels of their natures, feel free to acquaint yourself with the video of the young pro-life lady being kicked by the “feminist” left-wing goon.

Why does the fascist Left feel entitled to engage in sedition, slander, stalking, and violence to pursue it ends? Conflating politics with life and thinking America is beyond redemption absent a fundamental (and impossible) transformation to socialist Eden where everyone must think the same upon pain of ostracism and worse, the Left cannot believe that anyone who disagrees has good intentions.

In the insane, prog-whistle world of these self-anointed social injustice warriors, where words that challenge their leftist dogma are deemed “violent,” they feel entitled—indeed, compelled—to attack all dissenters in “self-defense.”