The Kavanaugh confirmation motivated me to rejoin the Republican Party

Then Kavanaugh was accused of orchestrating rape parties in high school and being a pervert in college. When no evidence could be found to substantiate Christine Blasey Ford’s claim and no one took the pathetic second or third allegations seriously, the story changed again. Kavanagh was portrayed as an unhinged adult unwilling to admit his teen drinking problem. In the end, the only allegation that stuck was that Kavanaugh threw ice at someone 30-plus years ago. All of this for airborne ice? Or could it be they just don’t like his jurisprudence?

The changing narrative, the double standards, and the unethical gamesmanship by one group motivated me to rejoin the other. I’m no longer naïve; neither party has a monopoly on virtue or vice. People are people. The decent and the corrupt belong to both camps.