I’m fed up with Christians pretending God sanctions their politics

Two weeks ago, when The Atlantic article about Beth Moore dropped, I was surprised to see her appear on a national platform. I loved her message and found it sincere, even poignant, but some of her fans disagreed with her.

Is it that they don’t think sexual assault is a worthwhile topic? Or is it that they want one place to go that isn’t connected to Trump or Clinton or ISIS or immigration or sexual assault or the national deficit or climate change or, heaven help us all, the next Supreme Court nomination.

Some of us are tired, and we can’t keep up with the outrage machine. We aren’t built that way, nor do we want to be. The headlines are hard enough Monday to Saturday. Come Sunday, some of us want a day off.

Over the years, I lamented to my pastor, whose messages I believe to be heartfelt, about discussing headlines at church, even preaching from them. I didn’t understand why it was necessary when there are plenty of other topics to spotlight, particularly when tension is already high.

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