After the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation battle, should American men be afraid?

Journalist Molly Fischer points out that male fear may be growing because #MeToo has forced men to see women as agents, as people who have the power to say what they will and will not put up with. Is it really so Earth-shattering to challenge the habit of perceiving women as objects to be acted upon rather than real human beings with rights?

Some men fear diminishment, that their strength and sexuality will become less vibrant, less appreciated. Sigmund Freud made the terror of castration central to his model of male psychology. But unsexing men is not what #MeToo is after. What it seeks is to upend the notion that strength and sexuality should be used to express dominance over others, to serve the ego.

Men, your gonads are safe. What women want is not a reversal in which they wield all the power. They just want, in the words of the immortal Aretha Franklin, a little respect. They want fairness. Accountability. A basic recognition of their humanity.

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