Another casualty of the Kavanaugh fight: The media’s "what women think" scam

Women also pushed back on the idea that Kavanaugh should be a stand-in for all men who had ever sexually assaulted a woman. On Friday, Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski met with “dozens of Alaskan women privately in her office,” “including several sexual-assault survivors,” during what MSNBC correspondent Garrett Haake described as an “emotional” meeting. Alexandra DeSanctis, staff writer at National Review, tweeted: “I’m highly disturbed by this notion that it’s just to punish Kavanaugh for other men’s sins. There’s no legitimate reason to believe he’s committed any sexual misconduct, but half the country wants to make some kind of cultural sacrifice out of him.”

But using personal trauma to inform opinions on a Supreme Court nominee only seemed to work in one direction. When Kellyanne Conway admitted she’d also been sexually assaulted, it didn’t lend her opinion the same weight it did for liberal women. Instead, she was subject to an attack by Mika Brzezinski, who ranted that Conway should disclose who did what to her and when.

Believe all victims — except when it doesn’t fit your narrative.