Maher: It’s "scary" that we went from "listen" to women who were victimized to "automatically believe"

The conversation began with a heated debate between New York Magazine writer-at-large Andrew Sullivan and political commentator Soledad O’Brien about the media’s depiction of Kavanaugh, which Sullivan argued generalized white men. But while Maher told Sullivan he was “sympathetic” to the point Sullivan was trying to make, Maher drew focus on a bigger concern.

“It does seem like things morphed from listen to any woman who says she’s been wronged, which is the right thing to do to automatically believe,” Maher told his panel. “That’s what’s scary.”

Ex-GOP congressman David Jolly said he “chose” to believe Dr. Christine Blasey Ford while other Republicans chose to believe Kavanaugh, but insisted that his party got something “fundamentally wrong.”

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