Never Trumpers unite to back Trump’s battle for Kavanaugh

Among the Never-Trump and Trump critical cast that have shifted over Kavanaugh:

Bret Stephens of the New York Times used the word “grateful” eight times when referring to nemesis Trump. “I’ll admit to feeling grateful that, in Trump, at least one big bully was willing to stand up to others,” he wrote.

Free Beacon’s Matthew Continetti in a column cutting to the chase said the Democrats are delaying in hopes Kavanaugh is destroyed, and he demanded, “Call the roll.”

National Review’s Andrew McCarthy also backed Kavanaugh against even GOP delay demands. “What is not as clear is why some Republicans indulge the delay and call for more investigation — other than that they are intimidated, fearing that the media and the Left’s more strident voices will say mean things about them,” he wrote.

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