"I don’t think he’s behind the 8-ball this time around": Biden cranks up his 2020 machine

This week, before appearing at a rally here Thursday for several House candidates, the former vice president raised money for his American Possibilities PAC at two fundraisers in the Los Angeles area.

The host of the first event, film studio executive Jeffrey Katzenberg, was critical to then-Sen. Barack Obama’s fundraising success in the 2008 presidential primary. And while Katzenberg has met with many prospective 2020 candidates, Biden’s appearance in Beverly Hills served as a reminder of the connections he still can tap into.

“Don’t let anyone fool you: If he decides to run, you will see a national infrastructure come together,” said the hotel magnate George Tsunis, an Obama mega-donor. “In the past when he’s run, there has been a formidable primary opponent … If he chooses to run in 2020, he would be the Obama-Clinton-like candidate. I think people would feel his time is now, and I think a lot of the country would feel that we need a Joe Biden as president.”

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