Democrats' big miscalculation: Conservative women like me won't abandon Brett Kavanaugh

The original sickness of the #MeToo movement was that its definition of sexual abuse was so blurry and undefined. I wonder whether its real goal was to shame and criminalize all men and all heterosexual sex. Everything was thrown into the #MeToo pot, from bad dates to the alleged actions of the notorious Harvey Weinstein.

I recently saw further evidence that men are afraid to speak up when a male writer friend actually asked me to go on his Facebook page and rebut the charge that Kavanaugh must be opposed because Trump would not nominate anyone who was in favor of women’s rights.

I realized that because of what I call “the decent man syndrome” (obviously a very good thing in many ways) it is becoming impossible for men to speak up effectively in their own defense.

It’s now down to — What to call us? — how about “the women who won’t put on the pink hat”?

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