How much of Bloomberg’s $100M gift to Democrats is about 2018, and how much is about 2020?

Make that an even $100 million. Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg promised Tuesday to give Senate Democrats $20 million toward their bid to retake the upper chamber this fall. The pledge comes a little more than three months after Bloomberg unveiled his plan to spend $80 million to help House Democrats in their quest to take back the lower chamber.

Bloomberg was elected mayor twice as a Republican and once as an independent, and his donation track record has traditionally skewed bipartisan. In the age of Trump, though, the multibillionaire has shifted his allegiance left in hopes that Democrats can break GOP control of Washington and act as a check on President Trump. Not unrelatedly, Bloomberg’s liberal largesse is also happening as he’s eyeing a run for the White House in 2020 as, yep, a Democrat.

“Mike was extraordinarily disappointed in the Republican leadership in the Senate and feels increasingly passionate about changing it,” one of his advisers, Kevin Sheekey, told the Washington Post, in reference to how the Senate majority has handled Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination. “And he’s already enthusiastic about the impact he’s having on House races and increasingly confident that he can contribute to a Democratic takeover.”

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