The battle of Brett Kavanaugh and the joker’s two boats

We’re getting beyond suspicion and dislike on our American boats. We’re becoming convinced that those on the other ferry are bent on destroying our way of life. We note with alarm the other side’s vast and growing power: The Hillaryites have an iron grip on the popular culture, the media, and most of the courts. Increasingly, they enjoy corporate America’s support, with the leadership of Silicon Valley and Starbucks and Nike turning overtly progressive. The very channels of communication — Twitter and Facebook and Google — are in the hands of progressives who could at any moment simply shut down most of the Right’s speech. On the other hand, allies of the Evangelicals and NRA members control most of the elected offices and have plenty of old-fashioned weapons. Half of NRA members own five firearms or more.

The Left’s reaction to claims made against Judge Kavanaugh is revealing. Christine Blasey Ford’s story, while not preposterous, is undeniably shaky. The details have changed repeatedly just since July. She not only has no corroboration, she has anti-corroboration: All others she has placed at the party in question either don’t remember anything like it or outright deny her version of events. Nevertheless, the Left’s reaction to her testimony is not only that her story is true but that it’s obviously true. The underlying thinking, I believe, goes like this: Kavanaugh might overturn Roe v. Wade. Therefore he hates women. Therefore he is an abuser of women. It all fits together so neatly that writers for both USA Today and Time magazine blithely suggested there’s a good chance he is also a child molester. He coaches girls’ basketball, doesn’t he? The swine.

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