Trump's bad week may have made it more likely that he'll win in 2020

So, with all of this in mind, here is a scenario which became significantly more likely because of this week’s events:

Democrats take the House in November. They are then forced to impeach Trump. The Senate totally rejects the impeachment as if it is illegitimate. Trump, seeing that the presidency is his greatest protection against legal ramifications, and not wanting to be a one-term “impeached” president, is then forced to run for reelection. Democrats, blinded by rage at Trump, end up nominating an unelectable candidate who plays right into Trump’s hands and he wins reelection.

For at least half of the country, the Trump presidency is like a giant cold sore on our nation’s face. We can’t wait to get rid of it and any sign that it might be healed in short order is understandably embraced, like the mirage of an oasis in the desert sun, far more enthusiastically than reality would warrant.