It’s time for a conservative purge

Insufferable sissy Sasse is everything that is wrong with the Republican Party establishment. He’s boring, sanctimonious, and utterly lacking any accomplishment except for distinguishing himself by running his fool mouth about Trump to any enemy outlet that will listen. Sasse poses as one of us, and even wrote an unreadable book mouthing a conservative critique of our crummy culture. The first line is, and I’m not kidding, “Sheryl Crow rocketed to stardom in 1996 on the strength of a single paradox.” If I ever write something that awful, please hunt mefor sport. In any case, his tiresome tome illustrates the problem: He writesa book about the culture war then gets his panties all in a bunch when we elect someone who is finally willing tofightit.

These guys need to go because they aren’t interested in winning; they are interested in maintaining the status quo. Conservative, Inc., is all about talking and not fighting – after all, if we win the cultural war, who needs them to write about it anymore? Victory means the donations dry up, and they’ll have to get real jobs like us Normals. That just won’t do.