The left still doesn’t know why it’s losing

In addition to such demeaning insults, there is the breathtaking hypocrisy. CNN commentator Sally Kohn published a book in the spring titled, The Opposite of Hate: A Field Guide to Repairing Our Humanity, in which she advocates treating everyone with respect — including Trump supporters. In an interview with Vanity Fair she actually said, “I don’t see how demonizing people who disagree with you gets you closer. And morally, you are not walking the talk.” Sadly, Kohn is a classic lefty hypocrite. Last week she outed herself with this Tweet: “MEMO TO ALL TRUMP SUPPORTERS: YOU, TOO, CAN GROW A CONSCIENCE!”

And this Tweet came after Kohn told Vanity Fair that no genuine progressive standing up for dignity and humanity can say, “Listen, I think we should treat everyone with equality and fairness and dignity except Trump supporters.” Nonetheless, after banking the money from her book sales, she tells us that we can “repair our humanity” without respecting those who support Trump. Does that mean Trump supporters aren’t really human? Charles Blow suggests as much when he refers to the President’s supporters as “beastly.” This kind of dehumanization is familiar. Where have we seen this? The History (a.k.a. the Nazi) Channel?