Time to vote out Republicans who can't vote to defund Planned Parenthood

If you add to this combination, the pro-life issue, and one must come to the conclusion that Republicans say they are pro-life and pro-limited government but they aren’t. The fact that some Republicans voted against a bill that would remove federal funding from Planned Parenthood shows just how much they are willing to get into office on a conservative platform, but once there, fail to actually support that. After his amendment failed Thursday afternoon, Paul told reporters Republican leadership “favors bloated government spending more than they care about Planned Parenthood.”

If Republicans continue to run on a platform of conservative ideas, including being pro-life and limited government, but once in office fail to actively support either, conservatives in those districts should act accordingly and vote them out of office during the next election. The only way for conservative concepts to take root in Congress, particularly something as basic as defunding a mammoth organization like Planned Parenthood, is for politicians there to act on the principles they say they believe and vote accordingly.