"People are terrified": Trump staffers live in fear of Omarosa’s next tape

While White House staffers have nothing but their own recollections to count on as they brace for a next tape, the Clinton campaign had the ability to know what could, potentially, come out.

“We had John’s emails,” recalled Jennifer Palmieri, who served as communications director on Clinton’s 2016 campaign. “We were worried they would start making stuff up. But we had something to work from. We had the ability to figure out what the universe might be.”

Palmieri said another plus was the more sober characters that populated her campaign.

“Nobody had to be worried that there was an email where Hillary used the N-word,” she said. “And John doesn’t say crazy stuff. But for other people on the campaign, especially younger people, it was really upsetting because every staffer’s greatest fear is that they do something that becomes a problem for their candidate.”