One third of bay area Democrats want Pelosi out of leadership

A KPIX 5 poll found that 35 percent of Bay Area Democrats want House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to voluntarily cede power to someone younger, while 37 percent want her to fight to keep her leadership position.

Long a punching bag for Republicans, the criticism of Pelosi from the Bay Area’s Progressive Left and also mainstream Democrats is growing louder.

When a group of ten Democrats running for a House seat in New Hampshire were asked if they’d vote for her, only one raised his hand.

In Pennsylvania, a new crop of Democrats is also distancing themselves from Pelosi. Congressman Conor Lamb (D-Pennsylvania) won his election after running an ad in which he publicly stated that he doesn’t support Pelosi.

“I’ve already said on the front page of the newspaper that I don’t support Nancy Pelosi,” he said in the ad.

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