Words matter: Different definitions of racism create confusion for the masses

It appears the most recent New York Times editorial board hire, Sarah Jeong, has sparked one of those “difficult national conversations” regarding racism due to her tweets haranguing white people. But like most of these so-called conversations, national discourse has devolved into the left dismissing any concern from conservatives about racism.

This dismissal stems from the left’s definition of racism. Jeong one time tweeted, “Theoretically you can’t be racist against white people.” This theory is predicated on the belief that white people in America benefit from an unequal power structure. Government discrimination against minorities exists to keep this inequality of the races present. Ergo, in order to be racist, you have to have power they argue. The left believes white people have all the power in American society. So if a minority attacks an entire group of white people, they are doing so honorably in order to dismantle the white patriarchy according to the left.

To be clear, white people in America have benefited from advantageous government policies. This has created many different problems for various minority groups that persist today. But, leftists believe that that power structure is so pervasive in American society that only white people can be racist.

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