The tragic reality of the women who inspired Netflix’s ‘Glow’

It was 1988, and the Las Vegas set of “GLOW” — “Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling,” a TV show featuring outrageously-costumed women tossing each other around a ring — was out of control.

Mt. Fiji, the 350-pound wrestler who sported a lei and a sarong, was raging, and none of it was in the script.

“She went crazy,” recalled Lori Palmer, aka Ninotchka, the show’s icy “Russian” villain.

Unable to contain Fiji, producers called 911. When paramedics showed up, Palmer said, “they tried to sedate her. She said ‘no!’ . . . I got on top of her to cover her and she pushed me out of the ambulance. Some paramedic caught me in his arms and I turned and looked up at his face. He was mortified, and I thought ‘Oh s–t, I should be scared.’ ”