Tapper: Imagine liberals shouting down press and a Dem POTUS giving them an "atta boy"!

On Wednesday, CNN’s Jake Tapper responded to President Donald Trump‘s supporters shouting down a CNN reporter at a rally in Tampa, Florida by questioning what the reaction would be like if the shoe was on the other foot.

“In addition to defending President Trump’s call for attorney general Jeff Sessions to stop the law enforcement investigation into Russian election interference, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders, this afternoon, tried to explain whether Mr. Trump has any problem with his supporters heckling and berating reporters who are trying to do their job. This came after the latest incident of a CNN reporter shouted down during a live appearance at the president’s rally this time last night in Tampa, Florida,” Tapper said at the start of his show.

Tapper than showed footage of Trump supporters shouting down CNN’s Jim Acosta.

He then stressed Sanders, during her press briefing, “suggested that the White House has no issue with that mob scene last night.”

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