It's come to this

On Reddit, QAnon supporters wondered about the portents behind Trump meeting Vladimir Putin in Helsinki on July 16, the anniversary of Kennedy’s death. One popular YouTube video claimed that QAnon had proven “how JFK JR was revealed to be ALIVE.” On 8Chan, believers launched a new board devoted to considering the theory that Kennedy was still alive. Amazon T-shirt vendors began selling shirts that said “JFK Jr. = R.”

Incredibly, QAnon believers claim Kennedy has even appeared in public at Trump rallies, posing as just another Trumpite. They latched onto a picture of a bearded, middle-aged man in glasses standing in the stands behind Trump at one rally, claiming that the man was actually Kennedy in disguise.

In fact, the man looks nothing like Kennedy. But QAnon supporters ran wild with the theory anyway, trying to use facial aging programs to prove that he was Kennedy, who would be 57 today.

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