In private, Kavanaugh hints at views on Mueller

Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh has privately told senators he views the appointment of a special counsel by the Justice Department as appropriate, a comment that could shed new light about his views of Robert Mueller’s investigation into Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, according to sources familiar with the meetings.

But Kavanaugh has also stood by his stated views that question whether a sitting US president can be indicted on criminal charges, instead saying Congress should play the lead role in impeaching and removing a president — and also enact a law ensuring a president can be indicted after leaving office.

The comments, which multiple sources said were relayed to senators as he’s made the rounds on Capitol Hill, give a glimpse into how Kavanaugh is carefully handling questions about his views on executive power at a time when Trump and his associates face growing legal pressure from the Mueller probe. The sources say the nominee is careful not to tip his hand on his views of the Mueller investigation’s constitutionality, given that he could rule on matters stemming from the probe, leaving ample questions about his views.

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