A 3D printed gun is downloadable death

Imagine this: the convicted domestic abuser next door tries to buy a gun. He’s turned down because he fails his background check. When he gets home, he opens up his browser, and in half an hour he’s printing out his own undetectable, fully functional plastic gun, with no background check and no record of his purchase.

As of August 1, it will be a reality in America — unless we are able to stop it.

Due to a settlement between the State Department and Defense Distributed — a Texas based designer of 3D guns — felons, domestic abusers, terrorists, those adjudicated too mentally ill to own guns and any other person unable to legally purchase firearms will be able to print one at home. Depending on the printer, they can be untraceable and plastic, or they can be metal. People will be able to make anything from novelty guns to AR-15s. And we will never know — until it is too late.