Why do Americans have such contempt for the people who feed them?

1. Farmers and ranchers are not responsible for the labor shortage; it’s a total lie for the right and the left to come together in a conspiracy of ignorance and suggest that farmers aren’t paying high enough wages, that they exploit workers, and that they want “open borders” so they can bring in more workers and pay lower wages.

2. It is simply not the case that the three legs of the agriculture stool (farmers, farm workers, and labor contractors) are at war with one another. In truth, when one of these groups does well, the others do too. When one does poorly, so do the others. It’s not a predatory relationship. It’s a mutually dependent partnership.

3. The labor shortage did not begin in the fields, and it won’t end there. It started with the American family. Too many parents have failed to give their children a work ethic. Many teenagers today don’t have summer or after school jobs. They’ll never work in the fields, not at any price. None of this is the fault of the agricultural industry.

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