Why conservatives should vote like a blue wave is inevitable in 2018

The Democratic Party is morphing into a full scale European Union-style socialist party, which is precisely what their voters want, as evidenced by the popularity of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders during the 2016 Democratic Party primaries.

America First Republican and independent voters must exceed Democrats’ enthusiasm and intensity in the 2018 midterms, and beyond. Low margins of victory cannot be the goal; that’s playing not to lose. Playing to win means playing scared and running up the score. If a football team’s offense can’t consistently convert fourth and centimeters, then it doesn’t have much of an offense, does it?

American voters desire elected leaders who embody the philosophy of America First: national prosperity, national defense and national sovereignty—nationalism, rather than collectivism or globalism. There is no such thing as neutrality. Everyone is on a side, whether he likes it or not.