Americans say U.S.-China tariffs more harmful than helpful

Most Americans say that the new tariffs the U.S. and China are imposing on each other’s goods have not affected their family’s financial situation to date, but more of those who have seen an impact say the tariffs have hurt rather than helped. Americans are much more likely to believe the tariffs have affected the economy, but again twice as many say they have hurt the economy rather than helped it.

As you may know, the U.S. has imposed new tariffs on many products and materials made in China and sold in the U.S., and in return China has imposed new tariffs on products and materials from the U.S. sold in China. So far, have these new tariffs helped, not had an effect or hurt each of the following? How about — [RANDOM ORDER]?

Helped No effect Hurt No opinion % % % % The U.S. economy 16 36 38 11 Your employer’s financial situation^ 8 67 17 8 Your family’s financial situation 6 72 17 5 ^Based on employed adults Gallup, July 16-22, 2018

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