Will Democrats still be Russia hawks when Trump is gone?

But now, a quarter century after the fall of the Soviet Union, the Democrats have belatedly decided that Russia is a threat. For decades, while the Soviet Union sowed tyranny across the globe, sent millions to rot in the Gulag, and threatened America with nuclear annihilation, Democrats were for detente and peaceful coexistence. Even as Putin continued Russia’s pattern authoritarian aggression, undermining democracy at home and invading his neighbors, they advocated a “reset” of relations. It was only when Russia invaded John Podesta’s privacy that Democrats were finally — finally! — outraged.

But before Republicans gloat over the Democrats’ hypocrisy, they need to be careful and not to mirror the Democrats’ Russia transformation by becoming Kremlin apologists. The fact that Democrats are suddenly channeling their inner Reagan is no excuse for those on the right to start channeling their inner Kennedy. Conservatives don’t have to take the Democrats’ belated Russia outrage seriously. But they do need to take Russia seriously.

As for Democrats, let’s hope their newfound antipathy for Russia is not just a convenient way to get President Trump.

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