They want Trump’s liquor license yanked -- and they just might win

Five Washington, D.C., religious leaders and two retired or inactive D.C.-based judges have launched an effort designed to force President Trump to fully disengage from the Trump family business while serving in office.

And unlike other challenges, this one has a very narrow, precise, and attainable target: The Trump International Hotel D.C.’s liquor license, which Trump continues to hold personally, despite having purportedly stepped back from Trump Organization business dealings…

That is because Trump remains the owner of the licensee—the Trump International—and D.C. law requires an owner to be “of good character.” The complainants argue that Trump having been accused of sexual assault by at least 16 women, his foundation continuing to be dogged by allegations of impropriety, his failure to pay contractors money owed, his maintenance of relationships with alleged criminals, and his attitudes toward minority groups and regarding race relations collectively mean he falls short of the legal “good character” standard.