Separated parents were "totally unaware" they had waived right to be reunified with children

In court documents filed in San Diego on Wednesday, a father from Guatemala said immigration officials told him he was definitely going to be deported and asked if he wanted to be deported with his daughter or by himself. They did not ask him if he wanted to be reunited with his daughter in the US.

Without an opportunity to review the document, he signed a form that officials told him was the only way his daughter could stay in the United States, according to a declaration signed by attorney Sofia Reive.

“He told me it is not safe for his daughter to return to Guatemala due to extreme and specific threats from a powerful and dangerous man who has demanded to ‘buy’ her,” Reive said. “He signed the document because he felt pressured to do so and because he felt like he had no other choice. This entire interaction lasted approximately one minute.”