James Gunn should be the last victim of the outrage mob

Here’s the problem: People are never going to stop being angry, and social media allows them to vent their displeasure with greater ease than ever before. Media outlets are never going to stop fanning the flames of these contretemps because they drive clicks and allow the reporters to feel like they are making a difference in our cruel, ugly world.

So allow me to suggest the following: The next time a major corporation is hit with threats of boycotts, instead of cowering in fear and caving immediately, make the aggrieved actually follow through with their threats.

Does anyone think “Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 3” would lose a single dollar upon release in 2020 because a few angry people dug up years-old tweets written by a director that 99 percent of the movie-going public couldn’t pick out of a lineup?

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